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What is Niacinamide and should you include it in your skincare routine?

What is Niacinamide?

Niacinamide, also known as nicotinamide, is a form of vitamin B3. As an essential nutrient, our body cannot synthesize this vitamin (vitamin B3) and therefore it must be either ingested orally or used topically.

What can it do for my skin?

Topically it provides a wide array of benefits including increasing collagen production, decreasing oil production, acting as an antioxidant, improving the skin barrier, and also acts as a brightening agent. Therefore it can be used to fight acne, signs of early aging, hyperpigmentation (think melasma and acne scars), and a dehydrated skin barrier. Several things it can do:

  1. Regulates Oil Production: by helping balance oil production, it can reduce oil without overly drying out the skin. This can be helpful for acne patients without being too drying in those with sensitive skin.
  2. Enhances the skin’s barrier function to maintain healthy and hydrated skin. A key factor in those using actives or already with dry/sensitive skin.
  3. Reduces redness and decreases inflammation. The calming effect of niacinamide is particularly helpful in those with rosacea or sensitive skin.
  4. Minimizes the appearance of pores by regulating sebum production and improving skin tone overall.
  5. Brightens the skin by fading dark spots and hyperpigmentation leading to a more even toned complexion.
  6. Reduces fine lines and wrinkles therefore adding anti-aging benefits.

Who can use niacinamide?

The beauty of this ingredient, all skin types can tolerate it! It is so gentle, it can be used twice daily. The key pro tip here is to find a formula that is 1-5%, a higher concentration is not necessarily better. It is also thought to be safe during use during pregnancy/breastfeeding (always discuss with your OB prior to introducing a new product) and make sure to check all the other ingredients it is mixed with as it’s a common multi-active ingredient.

Because this ingredient is such a hero ingredient that plays well with others, we found it important to include it in every single one of our products-to help you get your best skin. Find this ingredient in our retinoid, Retinoath, Inzincable sunscreen, Vitamin C serum, and TBH serum.

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