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What’s the hype behind acetyl zingerone and do you need it in your skincare routine?

Acetyl zingerone is the next generation of antioxidants and appropriately gaining notoriety. The ingredient itself is derived from ginger and while acetyl zingerone specifically has not been fully studied in skincare for many years, the benefits of ginger itself in skincare are vast. Several of the properties that it shows include:

  1. Anti-oxidant properties: It notably helps decrease reactive oxygen species which our skin encounters through UV radiation and pollution daily. Antioxidants in general neutralize free radicals in the skin, which can contribute to aging and skin damage.
  2. It fortifies extra protection after UV exposure which means in addition to sun protective methods with sunscreen, products containing this ingredient can help add that added layer of protection for our skin especially due to its photostable nature. Topical application has been shown to decrease photodamage.
  3. Anti-inflammatory effects: Ginger itself has been shown to be effective in providing soothing against inflammation.
  4. Evening out skin tone: Ginger itself has been shown to improve hyperpigmentation and therefore help even out skin tone. Therefore, this derivative of ginger likely can help product similar effects.
  5. Improving redness: This could help especially with sunburns or patients that suffer from rosacea. A recent double blind study demonstrated when compared to placebo, acetyl zingerone reduced redness in patients applying a topical formulation (PMID: 32369655).

Find this ingredient in our Inzincable® sunscreen  and our THDA  Vitamin C serum  – your perfect morning skincare routine duo.

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